Pevonia Spa

Pamper your senses; relax mind, body and soul at Skandha Spa. The enchanting décor, the deft hands and a centuries old tradition along with aromatic herbs and oil all combine together to whip up magic that’s beyond compare. It is akin to Nirvana that you feel as you walk out of the Spa.

Body Massages

Body Massage at Skandha begin with a foot ritual… your feet will be soaked in mineralized sea salts enriched with Eucalyptus and pine essential oil to cleanse, deodorize and ease heaviness.

Choice of Aromatic Oil

Select from an aromatic blend of oils formulated specially to achieve a deep sense of wellness.


A pure concentration of Lavenders extract alleviates stress and induces relaxation/counteracting feeling of nervousness and apprehension.


Energizing and revitalizing, Rosemary and Grapefruit extracts blend to uplift the spirit to stimulate alertness and counteract lethargy, while clearing the mind and increasing concentration.


Therapeutic Eucalyptus and Camphor unites to deliver stimulating benefit, while promoting warmth and healing, improving respiration and stimulating circulation.

Skandha Synergy Signature Massage

Our Signature Massage begins with the foot ritual, an ancient tradition symbolizing purifying of the soul to open the positive energy channel, followed by special massage which combines aromatherapy, Balinese massage to ease the muscle tension and soothe the nerves, accented with exclusive synergy oil blends of romance, inspire or dream to awaken your senses; rendering a truly invigorating experience.

Duration Charges
90 Min. INR 3360
60 Min. INR 2400

Sabai Stone Therapy

This Unique and advanced stone therapy utilizes rejuvenating black granite Stones, ergonomically crafted to promote deep senses of relaxation. A unique mineral blend of malachite and zincite increases collagen and elastin production for smooth, youthful looking skin. Your choice of the natural antiseptics-lavender, neroli or rosemary essential oils, used to all harmonize and balance your entire energy flow. Your body is distressed; blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulized and cell metabolism is increased, resulting in sublime senses of utter wellness and relaxation.

Duration Charges
90 Min. INR 4560

Swedish Massage

A firm yet gentle massage with long following strokes in a special anti-stress oil to release your body of stress and strain. Breathe in tranquility while your body relaxes and stress slips away. This massage can be enjoyed by people of all ages and life style.

Duration Charges
90 Min. INR 3360
60 Min. INR 2400

Balinese Massage

A Traditional Indonesian massage of gentle stretches acupressure to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and “qi” (energy) around your body and bring deep relaxation and wellness.

Duration Charges
90 Min. INR 3360
60 Min. INR 2400

Deep Tissue Massage

Excellent to reduce muscular tension, chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, lower back tightness and sore shoulder .This slow and deep massage helps in breaking down the adhesion and undoing chronic knots to relieve pain and restore normal movements.

Duration Charges
90 Min. INR 3360
60 Min. INR 2400

Couple Massage

Magnificent massage suite filled with soothing music and blissful aromas are the perfect setting to share a Spa experience with a friend or loved one. Beginning with a massage of your choice, this wonderful experience promotes bonding and togetherness in a unique setting. Followed by a complimentary access to steam and chilled shower.

Duration Charges
90 Min. INR 6600
60 Min. INR 4560

Scalp, Neck And Shoulder Massage

A healing approach to relieve migraine and headache as well as alleviate knots and tension that typically form in the neck and shoulder region. Chronic sufferers of these conditions praises its healing power as a preferred alternative to the pharmaceutical approach. This treatment aims to correct repetitive stress syndrome by using the healing gifts of nature.

Duration Charges
60 Min. INR 1200

Body Scrubs & Wraps

Aromatic Silky Skin Body Scrub

The first step for a successful body care program is gentle deep cleansing, it eliminates dead cells, superficial toxicity, impurities, and sebum accumulation. Renders dry and rough areas soft and smooth, resulting in a mineralized, more youthful skin. Recommended for all skin types.
Benefits: Smoothes and softens skin, removes impurities and roughness, refines the epidermis and detoxifying it.
Key Ingredients: Chamomile, sage, rosemary, Allantoin, Saponaria & Micronized Seaweed.

Charges: INR 2400

Aromatic Silky Moor Mud Wrap: Renew

This scientifically–proven holistic, healing black magma dates back to ancient civilization. A warm Aromatic Moor Mud Rich In natural Vitamins ,mineral and enzymes , is generously applied to your entire body .Sore muscles , aches and pains are alleviated as your body’s circulation is stimulated and stress vanishes. Ideal for those prone to chronic pain or fatigue, rheumatism/ arthritis pain and post –sport injuries.
Benefits: Healing, Rejuvenating, Relieving aches and pains, Detoxifying & Anti-stress Key Ingredients: Natural Moor & Pine Essential oil.

Charges: INR 3000

Green Coffee Body Wrap: Anti-cellulite

Slim and tone your body with a cutting –edge cellulite treatment. This Slimming and toning wraps stimulates your body’s ability to break down fat, increases metabolism and eliminate water retention. Pure 100% Micronized Green Coffee, naturally rich in Chlorogenic Acid, Polysaccharides, Proteins and essential oils, smoothes and enhances skin texture, visibly reducing spongy, dimply, cellulite areas.
Benefits: inhibits accumulation of free –radicals, inhibits lipids per oxidation and activates Lipolysis, diuretic, hydrating and firming.
Key Ingredients: Green Coffee Powder 98%, Corn Starch 2% chlorogenic Acid 10%, Cafeic Acid 5%

Charges: INR 3000

De Ageing Salt Mousse
(Choice of papaya/pineapple)

The De –Ageing Salt mousse gently removes dead, dry skin cells from the body and encourages new cells to rise to the surface, resulting in a more radiant appearance. The high concentration of sea minerals and fruit enzymes heal, repair, remineralize and provide antioxidant protection. Its gentle texture manually removes dead cells while lightly foaming for extra comfort. Prematurely aged areas are vibrantly renewed and the protective antioxidants prevent those signs of ageing from returning. The heavenly papaya-pineapple wraps the skin in light, tropical notes, leaving it freshly scented for wear throughout the day.

Charges: INR 2640

Crème FraÎche Wrap

Nourishing and repairing, this exquisite tropical body wrap counteracts premature ageing and sun damage by delivering wrinkle-smoothing and rejuvenating benefits. Drenched with papaya and Pineapple, it is also enriched with Crème Fraiche natural butter, calcium, a high content of Vitamin A, Pomegranate extract and other anti –ageing ingredients such as collagen polypeptides (smoothing) and Elastin polypeptides (firming).Your skin is deeply nourished and rejuvenated, revealing an astonishing and decreasing crepiness and wrinkles.
Benefits: Counteracts premature ageing , repairs sun damage, wrinkles–smoothing , rejuvenating & nourishing and repairing of skin.
Key Ingredients: Papaya, Pineapple, Crème Fraiche natural butter, Pomegranate, Calcium, Vitamin A , Pomegranate extract Collagen Polypeptides (Smoothing ) & Elastin Plypeptides (Firming).

Charges: INR 3600

Hands & Feet Treatments

Skandha Express Manicure

Along with preventing nail damage like splits, tears and fragile tips, the rejuvenating hand massage with the micro emulsified cream improves skin elasticity and suppleness. This treatment will restore the hands and nails to their natural strength and beauty.

Charges INR 720

Luxury Regenerating Hand Treatment For Youthful Hands

Dryness and Sun damage quickly reflect on your highly exposed hands. This Treatment includes an application of luscious micronized vitamin oil followed by the application of a delightful Lavender Mask. Your hands render a smooth, silky –soft and deeply hydrated feel.
Benefit: Anti-Senescent, rejuvenating, repairs photo damage and deeply hydrates.
Key Ingredients: Papaya Spherides, Pineapple, Spherides, Collagen, Vitamins E Shea Butter

Charges INR 1080

Skandha Express Pedicure

Special care for feet with anti bacterial, de–odorizing ingredients, to relieve stress and fatigue, improve blood circulation, nourish and soften the skin and relax the foot muscles.

Charges INR 780

Luxury Feet Treatment For Silky Soft Feet

Callous formation and epidermal thickening can result in discomfort and unappealing feet. Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid powerfully unite to soften, exfoliate, and smooth your soles and heels. Leaving your feet refreshed, callous-free, hydrated, and velvety – smooth.
Benefits: Soften callous formation, prevents callous build-up and smooths soles and heels.
Key Ingredients: Salicylic Acid & Glycolic Acid.

Charges INR 1200

Foot Reflexology

This dynamic pressure point massage technique is applied to the feet to relieve soreness and relieve tension. Each pressure point corresponds to an area of the body to immediately alleviate and promote healing. Especially beneficial for those who are on their feet for extended time periods.

Duration Charges
45 Min. INR 840
30 Min. INR 600

Skandha Professional Facials

Discovery Facial for all Skin types

This purifying treatment consists of steaming, exfoliation, and an intense deeper cleansing of clogged pores. A skin Type specific Cleanser, lotion and Cream are followed by a therapist selected mask. Beneficial for all skin types

Charges: INR 1620

Vitaminic Concentrate Skin Facial, Reveal Silky Skin

Drench your skin with this phenomenal, non-greasy, micro emulsified concentrate. Naturally aromatic, it combats excessive dryness, dehydrate premature ageing. Radically effective, it combines Mandarin Essential oil with vitamin A and E for anti-oxidant action and a more even skin tone.
Benefits: Silky texture, Non-greasy, Revitalizing & nourishing. Eases excessive dryness, Smoothes fine lines & Anti-free radicals.
Key Ingredients: Squalane, Tocopherol, Retinyl palmitate (vit A), Azulene & Mandarin orange essential oil

Charges: INR 2640

Optimal “C” Complex Brightening Skin Facial: Radiant Complexion

Boost your skin’s radiance with rejuvenating “C” Complex. This unique micro emulsified gel is quickly absorbed to render your skin bright and smooth. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid work together to hydrate, correct photo-damage and drench your skin with repairing antioxidants for a revitalized, youthful appearance. This powerful facial restores skin’s activity designed to suit your skin type.
Benefits: Anti-oxidant, anti-free radicals, corrects skin’s photo-damage, Reduces fine line, the intense complexe help to firm the skin & restores youthful appearance.
Key Ingredients: Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid & Chitosan ascorbate.

Charges: INR 3000

Propolis Concentrate Skin Facial Anti Bacterial and desensitizing

Rich in natural antibiotics, the Propolis is decongesting, desensitizing and healing. The micro-emulsified gel with a light texture is ideal for all skin types, especially acne and sensitiveskin.
Benefits: Desensitizing, Decongesting, Antiseptic, Antibacterial, Healing, Control occasional breakouts, Strengthens fragile skin & Excellent for micro-circulation problems.
Key Ingredients: Propolis, Lavender & Vetiver oil.

Charges: INR 2640

Complexe Collagene Skin Facial: Anti Wrinkle

Ideal to prevent the skin’s deterioration and the appearance of lines. This facial treatment provides the epidermis the nourishing elements necessary to help slow down the ageing process. This hydrating aqueous concentrate smoothes the fine lines and fights against skin slackening.
Benefits: Intensive beauty treatment to revitalize the skin. Combats ageing, rejuvenates and softens lines, improves skin’s elasticity & deeply hydrating.
Key Ingredients: Marine collagen & Jonquil oil.

Charges: INR 2640

Complexe Elastine Skin Facial: Firming

Ideal for all skin types, this bio-micro emulsified gel prevents premature slackening of the skin, with all the necessary elements needed for a firmer and tighter look.
Benefits: Intensive beauty treatment to firm the skin, fights against premature ageing, improves skin texture and elasticity & deeply hydrates.
Key Ingredients: Marine Elastin & Jasmine oil.

Charges: INR 2640

Complexe D&A. Skin Facial: For Dilated pores

This treatment helps refine skin texture, tightens dilated pores and brightens the complexion. Deeply moisturizing and healing. Recommended for dehydrated skin with dilated pores and uneven texture.
Benefits: Refines the epidermal surface, tightens dilated pores, smoothes light scarring, excellent as an after-acne treatment & deeply hydrates.
Key Ingredients: Marine D.N.A & Gardenia oil.

Charges: INR 2640

Lightening Facial For Pigmented Skin

Ideal for healthy hyper-pigmented skin, this hydrating inspa treatment addresses hyper-pigmentation concerns by promoting increased melanin diffusion and visibly reducing these spots. Your face re-emerges brighter and smoother, for more even and radiant complexion.
Benefits: Combats hyper pigmentation concerns. Promotes increased melanin diffusion & deeply hydrating.
Key Ingredients: Pure vegetal D.N.A.

Charges: INR 3600

Anti-Free Radicals Facial Renew Radiance

Repair your skin while deeply nourishing and replenishing. This dramatic mask first warms up vitamins to penetrate your skin, and then cool to seal the rejuvenating benefits. Microemulsified Vitamins A and E maximize your skin’s protection against free radicals and premature ageing. Your complexion emerges velvety-smooth and is deeply hydrated with an improved texture and refined pores.
Benefits: Revitalizes & nourished, eases excessive dryness, smoothes fine lines & Anti-free radicals.
Key Ingredients: Calcium sulfate, Magnesium Trisilicate, Mint Essential Oil & Lavender Essential Oil.

Charges: INR 4200

Plantomer Facial Soothing Refreshing Hydration

Visibly enhances your skin texture while maximizing hydration, this effective lift-off mask consists of the replenishing benefits of seaweed with revitalizing propolis, a natural healing and desensitizing substance. Soothing, nourishing, and calming, it render skin undeniably radiant.
Benefits: Hydrates, Heals and cools, reduces redness, vasoconstricting & alleviates micro-circulation.
Key Ingredients: Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate, Algae & Propolis.

Charges: INR 4200

Calming Rosacea Facial Soothe the Hyper Sensitivity

A radical solution for hypersensitive skin. This alleviating treatment provides soothing relief and visible results to dilated capillaries, congestion, blotchiness, and irritability. Comforting and healing ingredients such as: French Rose, Green Tea, Chamomile, and Locorice combines to decongest and calm your skin for an even and healthy appearance.
Benefits: Vaso-constricting, Desensitizes, Diffuses redness, Reduces skin heat & strengthens and heals capillaries.
Key Ingredients: Laminaria Digitata, Lithothamnium Calcarium, Spirulina, Rice Starch & Centella Asiatica.

Charges: INR 4200

‘C’ & Sea Facial Luminous Renewal

This in-spa treatment features a potent blend of stabilized vitamin “C” combined with the latest high-tech formulation of freeze-dried seaweed. It reduces fine lines, strengthens elasticity, and provides relief for a dull and sun-damaged skin. Your complexion resurfaces renewed, firm and extremelysmooth with a luminous glow.
Benefits: Antioxidants, anti-free radicals, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, increases elasticity & renders skin absolutely radiant.
Key Ingredients: 25% Vitamin “c” Seaweed, Squalane Oil, Alginate & Calcium Sulphate.

Charges: INR 4200

Myoxy-Caviar & Pearl Facial
(Timeless Rejuvenation)

The most advanced facial which defense against ageing. This opulent anti-ageing treatment lavishes your skin with pure Caviar Extract, Pearl Extract, and a revolutionary blend of phyto-extracts: Escutox”, a natural Botox. Improving elasticity, this luxurious mask increases skin oxygenation and suppleness. Promoting rejuvenation, it visibly resurfaces and dramatically reduces the expression lines and wrinkles.
Benefits: Deeply repairs and replenishes, Smoothes wrinkles, Strengthens elasticity & Provides immediate radiance.
Key Ingredients: Caviar, Seaweed Film, Calcium Sulfate, Magnesium Trisilicate & Iron Oxide (natural color)

Charges: INR 5400

Skin Fit Facial for Him: Anti-ageing Caviar Facial for Men

Age gracefully and maintain a competitive edge. Counteract the ageing process with this proven-effective advanced treatment specifically formulated for men. Rejuvenating Caviar and repairing freeze-dried Escutox replenish skin while counteracting ageing aggressors. Visibly resurfacing, this mask promotes healthy, youthful-looking skin.
Benefits: Repairing, nourishing, wrinkle smoothing, strengthens elasticity & provides immediate radiance and rejuvenation.
Key Ingredients: Blend of Hibiscus Esculentus and Oligo Saccharides, Sea weed extract, Squalane, Oil, Caviar Extract, Marine Collagen & Marine Elastin.

Charges: INR 4800

De-Stress Eye Puffiness Treatment

Eliminate puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles Your eyes can often reflect poor nutrition, the demands of your daily lifestyle, travel fatigue and other factors. Formulated with Ginkgo Biloba, this in-spa treatment effectively relieves dark circles and unappealing puffiness for refreshed, radiant eyes.
Benefits: Decreases puffiness, Anti-fatigue, reduces dark circles & is smoothing and calming.
Key ingredients: Collagen Fiber & Ginkgo Biloba

Charges: INR 1200

Skandha Spa Packages

SPA Sensation

Pamper yourself with a Pevonia Discovery facial and Massage ( 60 min) of your choice.

Duration Charges
2 Hours INR 3600

Spa Retreat

Indulge in an ultimate spa experience for your body. Start with a silky skin body scrub, followed by a Massage (60 min) & Body Wrap of your choice.

Duration Charges
2.5 Hours. INR 6600

Spa Journey

especially for you. Indulge in a true spa experience with spa treatments for your face and body. Package Includes: Discovery Facial, Silky skin Body Scrub, Massage of your choice (except Sabai Hot stone Massage) and Body Wrap of your Choice. Includes: Complimentary Fruit Platter

Duration Charges
3.5 Hours INR 8400

Couple Romantic Get Away

Put aside a day to participate in your partner’s treatments. With this package, you can enjoy some quality time together. Start with a facial* of your choice, silky smooth body polish massages (60 min) and end with a wrap.
Includes: Complimentary fruit platter

Duration Charges
4 Hours INR 15600

De-Stress… Back Massage

The treatment begins with your therapist massageing all the knots in your back. Warm aromatic moor mud filled with pine essential oil and camphor is applied on your back to soothe and eliminate all muscular tension.

Duration Charges
75 Min. INR 2400


Chocolate Waxing

Full body INR 3000
Arms INR 720
Under arms INR 204
Legs INR 900
Brazilian INR 960
Full face INR 720
Upper lip INR 204
Stomach INR 900
Back INR 1020


Eyebrows INR 108
Upper lips/Chin/Forehead INR 90
Full face INR 420

Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurvedic traditional massage

Also known as Abhyanga this detoxifying therapy uses warm herbs infused with Ayurvedic oils chosen according to your dosha. The oils are generously poured over the entire body and then vigorously massaged into the skin. This traditional Indian massage detoxifies your body and revitalises your spirit. A steam bath is recommended after this massage.

Duration Charges
75 Min. INR 3000

Hot herbal poultice therapy

This therapeutic massage begins with an application of warm oil, specific to your dosha. A warm herbal fomentation is applied to relax the muscles while stimulating blood circulation and energy flow. Heat and herbs reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Duration Charges
60 Min. INR 2400


Using Ayurvedic oils, vital points of the shoulder, neck, head and face are massaged to loosen tight muscles and encourage blood circulation. With a special focus on ‘Marma’ points around the head, you will feel an immense calming and balancing effect on the nervous system and throughout the body. This therapy concludes with a mild fomentation, leaving you totally relaxed.

Duration Charges
45 Min. INR 2160


This Ayurvedic reflexology therapy is an ancient massage for the sole which focuses on the marma points of the feet and lower legs. Padabhyanga promotes quality sleep, increases circulation and energy flow to boost immunity, rejuvenating your entire body. This therapy incorporates the use of a kasa bowl which is warmed and oiled creating a more intense therapy as the metal interacts with the energy force of the body.

Duration Charges
60 Min. INR 2160

Marma point therapy

Marma points are energy pathways where the body and mind communicate. Using pure Ayurvedic oils according to your dosha, marma point therapy is a cleansing and harmonising therapy. It is a combination of energy balancing along with a subtle stimulation of the marma points. This therapy will leave you with a long lasting sense of calm.

Duration Charges
60 Min. INR 3600


Shirodhara is an ancient Indian therapy using warm, medicated oils which flow from a specially designed copper vessel. A gentle stream of warm oil is directed onto the third eye which in turn triggers healing, restores balanced health and calms the mind.

Duration Charges
60 Min. INR 4200

Mudrika Veda Body Rituals

Khidmat (Signature Massage) 60 Mins INR 3800
  90 Mins INR 5200
Sabal (Deep Tissue) 60 Mins INR 3800
  90 Mins INR 5200
Saleekha (Thai massage) 60 Mins INR 3800
  90 Mins INR 5200
Shamtha (Pre Sports) 30 Mins INR 2000
Sar Gardan (Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage) 45 Mins INR 3000
Nikher ( Body Scrub) 45 Mins INR 2500
Nikher (Body Wrap) 45 Mins INR 2500
Snan (Aromatic Baths)   INR 2000
Shirodhara 45 Mins INR 3500
Pizichil 60 Mins INR 4300
Traditional peel 30 Mins INR 3500
Posha Hamam 90 Mins INR 8000
Marma Vedas ( Reflexology) 90 Mins INR 5200
Neel Veda (Aromatic Bath followed by Steam) 45 Mins INR 2000

Kaishika Veda Head Rituals

Anti-Ageing Facial 75 Mins INR 5000
Signature Facial 60 Mins INR 4000
Deep Cleansing 75 Mins INR 4000
Eye Renewal 45 Mins INR 2300

Kaya Kalp Full Body Rituals

Traditional Hamam 3 Hours INR 12000
Moghul Royal 4 Hours INR 10000
Rajkumari & Raj Kumar Pkg 4.5 Hours INR 11000 (1 Pax)
  4.5 Hours INR 18000 (2 Pax)

Bhadana Veda

Haster Veda (Manicure) 45 Mins INR 2000
Charan Veda (Pedicure) 60 Mins INR 2500
Eye brow   INR 600
Upper Lips   INR 400
Waxing   Depend upon area

Thai Spa

Season Spa Massage

The 60 minute signature massage combines Balinese, Thai, Hawaiian, and Swedish massage techniques at medium pressure to alleviate body aches and pains and restore energy.

Charges: INR 3600

Spring - Flower Scrub

Flower Scrub is a natural plant scrub, combining pandanus and bullet wood and is mild and gentle to the skin. It is ideal for revitalizing sensitive and tired skin.

Charges: INR 2400

Summer - Exotic Herbal Scrub

This 45 minute exotic herbal powder scrub contains pure powder from the South East Asian herbs of plai and turmeric, commonly used in Asian cuisine. The aromatic blend of exotic Thai herbs and the nourishing properties of honey and yoghurt leaves skin looking radiant and feeling supple.

Charges: INR 3000

Spring - Blossom Revitalizing Clay Wrap

This 45 minute treatment is ideal for combating a tired and dull complexion. It blends natural anti-oxidising white tea and Centella Asiatica aroma to leave skin firm, glowing and radiant.

Charges: INR 3360

Summer - Tropical Fruit Wrap

Using the healing and detoxifying properties of green mud from fresh water and vitamin-rich mangosteen extract, this treatment leaves skin feeling refreshed, energised, soft and supple.

Charges: INR 3360

Elmis Skin IQ Facial

This intelligent 75 minute anti-ageing facial adapts to boost the skin and is the ultimate overhaul for male skin. Designed to counter the effects of a hectic, modern lifestyle, this facial protects against the harsh ageing effects of shaving and everyday environmental damage.

Charges: INR 2160

Pevonia Youthful Vitality

This 75 minute facial counteracts the ageing process with effective advanced treatments specially formulated for men. Rejuvenating caviar and repairing freeze-dried Escutox replenishes and refreshes the skin.

Charges: INR 3000

Elemis Visible Brilliance Facial

75 minutes. Designed for female guests, this facial combats ageing, stressed and slackened skin. Clinically trialed, with impressive results this face and eye treatment firms, rejuvenates and plumps up the skin. It moisturizes and restores youthful tone and texture.

Charges: INR 3600

Pevonia Timeless Rejuvenation

Unwind for 75 minutes while this luxurious mask improves skin elasticity, increases skin oxygenation and suppleness, promotes cell renewal, and visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Charges: INR 3600

Timings & Other Informations


The Spa is open from 08:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs 7 days a week
Note: Children below 12 years are not allowed


A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to help us reschedule your appointment, subject to space availability. Any cancellation with less than 3 hours notice will incur a 50% cancellation fee. Full charges will be imposed for a “No show”

For your Treatment

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Upon your arrival you will be invited for a personal consultation with your therapist to determine the best possible treatment for you. We suggest the relaxing effect of shower before your treatment. You are welcome to wear robe in the Spa or change in our changing area. We recommended that men shave a few hours prior to a facial treatment. Guest’s with high blood pressure, heart conditions; ladies who are pregnant or have any medical complications are advised to consult their doctors before signing up for a spa service. Please inform your Spa Therapist of any medical conditions.

Spa Etiquette & Decorum

To preserve the spa tranquil environment we respectfully request you to switch off your mobile phone. Please remember that our spa is a smoke & alcohol free zone.
Decorum:To preserve the spa’s tranquil environment while maintaining your’s and other guest’s privacy. May we request you to speak softly and leave your mobiles switched off, the guests are requested to respect the rights of other users and refrain from shouting, using foul language and boisterous behavior. Please remember, Skandha Spa is a smoke free zone.

Energie - Gymnassium

Energize yourself at the well equipped gymnasium. Energie features a wide range of international state-of-the-art fitness machines. The careful selection of cardiovascular, weight equipments and yoga programmes caters to a range of diverse exercise requirements. Available to in-house guests and members only, the Fitness Center is manned by internationally certified trainers who focus on health, fitness and hygiene.


We suggest that you leave all valuables in your hotel room safe, while we endeavour to look after your belongings, we do not assume liability for your valuables.

Azure - Swimming Pool

A tranquil break for relaxation under the open sky. A large relaxing outdoor pool and pool bar provides the perfect break to give you complete relaxation. Kids wading pool will keep the kids engaged as you relax and laze at splendor poolside.


SPA08:00 am to 08:00 pm
FITNESS CENTRE06:00 am to 09:00 pm
SWIMMIMG POOL06:00 am to 09:00 pm
CHILDREN PARK06:00 am to 09:00 pm

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga sessions include meditative postures and breathing techniques that will help you attain a state of well-being and serenity. Please call the spa extension on your guest room phone for a personalized yoga session.


for Personal Session........................Rs. 2000/-