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Wildlife Safari
No visit to Jim Corbett is complete without a wildlife safari. During a tiger safari in Jim Corbett, you would get to experience the sight of wild cats prancing freely and absorbing the warmth of forest. The tiger is not the only attraction at Jim Corbett; although it is the one park resident that people come to see. A variety of birds including Owlets,the ubiquitous langur (monkey), Leopard, Elephant, Hyena, Jackal, Jungle Cat, marsh crocodiles, Wild Boar, Bears and various species of Deer are the other attractions.
Picnic at Jim’s Village
Explore The Local Culture With us
We take you on a short trip to the neighboring Village Lifestyle, hardships and grandeur in you slopes. Encircling green fields flowing with wheat or mustard Casual at times are a fascinating sight for the city Eyes. Travel back in time as you travel to a beautiful city On the banks of the waterway River Kosi, this is a novel site with a slope.
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Drive to Shivalik Mountain

Mountains surrounding the area of Jim Corbett National Park offer a huge diversity of habitats due to variation in altitude, relief and temperature. As a result mountains plants and animals species have different and unique characteristics. They reveal the entirely different behavior as compare to others wildlife community’s residents in different national park of the country.Himalayan mountain system leaves direct impact on the characteristics of Jim Corbett National Park. As far as the geographical boundary is concerned Corbett’s northern area are marked by the Lesser Himalayan chain which extends from Pakistan, through Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal, Uttaranchal, Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, and to Arunachal. The lesser Himalayas are made up of crystalline rocks. These mountains are quite high with an average altitude of 1800 meter. The sal dominated area of Corbett has woody vegetation and rest area vegetation include different species of trees like Oak, Pine and rhododendron.

However, major portion of the park falls in the outer Himalayan or Shiwalik region towards the south. The upper tertiary rocks are exposed towards the Shiwalik range and hence Shiwaliks form the largest ridge across the park, running east to west from Dhangarhi to Kalagarh. These ridges are clothed by sal forests and other associates.

Tour to Crocodile River
The Park is also home to a large number of reptiles, including the Gharial, a fish eating crocodile and the Mugger, which is a marsh crocodile. The Ramganga river that flows through the Park provides an ideal habitat for these thick-skinned, amphibious beasts.Crocodile river is 12 kms away from our resort. The path from our resort to crocodile river is full of natural fertility.
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Nature walk
Birding watching Trek

Nature walks in Corbett is considered as one of the best nature walks in Uttarakhand as well as in India. The richness of the flora makes Corbett royal and regale. The guided nature walks, have different trails and routes to opt from. Some take you along the river bed of the Kosi River, some through the forests.

The region around the Gairal forest rest house in the Dhikala zone and the large grasslands of Dhikala and Bijrani zones are the best places for the bird watching in Corbett Forest. Also, the hilly terrain of the Durgadevi zone is known for the rich Natural beauty as well as the excellent bird sighting.



Indoor Adventure Activities
Indoor Adventure Activities
  • Camping at Caves
  • Treasure Hunt /Signature Hunt/Scavenger hunt
  • Survival courses for Kids
  • Archery / Air Rifle Shooting & Air Pistol
  • Tree plantation (Preserve The Nature)

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